COVID-19 Related Announcement

March 18, 2020

To all of our Clients, Partners, and Friends:

During this time of uncertainty, EGM Builders is open for business at all of our office and field locations.  We are committed to maintaining safe work environments both here at the home office and our various project sites.  The following precautions have been put into place as we adapt to this unprecedented situation:

  • General Health and Safety Precautions:

    • The main office will be closed to the public until further notice. Although employees may be working inside, they have been instructed not to allow anyone into the office space.

    • Additional cleaning and disinfecting protocols are being implemented as recommended by the CDC and local authorities.


  • Employee Health and Safety Precautions:

    • We have advised team members who are ill or who have family in their homes who are exhibiting any symptoms of respiratory illness not to report to our offices or any client site. If they feel well enough, they may work remotely. We recognize that if team members are not well, they may also need to take time off to manage their health needs.

    • We have asked workers on job sites to practice social distancing.


  • Travel and Meetings:

    • Weekly job meetings have been changed to weekly conference call/Go-To-Meeting. 

    • We have asked team members to evaluate all events and meetings through May 15 and make prudent decisions on whether to hold them or cancel them consistent with our travel guidance and circumstances in our local offices and communities, as well as with emerging local, state, or federal guidance about holding such meetings.


  • Job Sites:​

    • Lunch truck services will be suspended until further notice, Workers will be notified of such change, and they will also be required to eat in their vehicles during lunch or break to minimize jobsite congregation.

    • Additional jobsite cleanliness measures will be made including but not limited to; hand wash stations, field office cleaning/sanitizing, limited use of field office (super only), COVID-19 jobsite precautionary signage postings, encouragement of COVID-19 education during tool box talk time, whenever possible onsite meetings to be held outside.


  • Remote Working:

    • Our office employees all have the capability and permission to work from home.

    • Remote working guidelines are in place to allow our employees to work effectively and efficiently.


We will continue to tailor our approach to meet the specific needs of each project, and we will adjust and communicate with you as circumstances evolve in this situation. 

We value our relationship with you and are committed to staying connected with pursuing solutions to mitigate the negative effects this crisis has imposed on all of us.

If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to your EGM Builders project lead.

Very Truly Yours,

Michael Espinosa, President & CEO, EGM Builders